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About me

 I am an international artist and an educator based in Amsterdam. 


I undertook a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Marmara University in Istanbul in 2016. I extensively travelled to see and experience making art in many different places. Thereby, I embraced the idea of working on two-dimensional, accessible and versatile materials such as paper and canvas. I found a sense of ease and fluidity when I perceived these simple materials as playful tools to make art while growing more in ideas. Currently, I am working on a conceptual narrative series that tackles contemporary themes such as environmental, political, and social issues.


I am an entrepreneur in the cultural and education sector. I make artworks/art performances, exhibit and sell. I am also a founder/educator at Art Studio Amsterdam where I create courses, teach grown-ups, the youngsters and organise multi-disciplinary workshops mostly blended with drama, music and literature.

Exhibitions & Art Performances

2024-Arti et Amicitiae (on show)

2023-DNP Slot Zeist

Sprouts I 2024 (from 11 March until 12 April, 2024. Opening 15 March at 20:30)

Nominated for De Nederlandse Portretprijs in The Netherlands.


2023-Red Light Art and Culture

2023-De Nederlandse Portretprijs

2023- Vrij Paleis

2020-Mirer Art Gallery


2019- RP London

2019- Scottish National Portrait Gallery

2019-Winchester Discovery Centre

2018-National Portrait Gallery 

2018-Wolverhampton Art Gallery

2017- Cumhuriyet Museum

2016-Marmara University Exhibition Hall

Marbling Art Performance, Wallen Festival 2023, Amsterdam.

Nominated for the Dutch Portrait Award in 2023.

May Group Exhibition, Amsterdam.

Spring Summer Group Exhibition at St James’s, London.

August Edition, at HE.RO, Amsterdam.

Nominated for Royal Society of Portrait Painters’ Prize in UK

 Portrait Award Exhibition tour (15 December-10 March), Edinburg.

Portrait Award Exhibition tour ( 30 March-16 June), Winchester.

Portrait Award Exhibition (4 June-23 September), London.

Portrait Award Exhibition tour (13 October-2 December), Wolverhampton.

Graduation Show, Istanbul.

Printmaking “Exlibris" Exhibition, Istanbul.



Fine Arts in Education
Marmara University, Istanbul

During my time there, I worked in the studio where I had the opportunity to work with traditional crafting mediums such as iron, steel, copper, wood, and glass. The works that came forth from working with these mediums were often supported by contemporary concepts.This experience was the first step of my artistic search.


Graphic Design and Photography
Bandirma Vocational High School


I studied at the digital design and photography studios. Besides advancing basic skills with digital tools, I set up a foundation of basic skills in craftsmanship; such as drawing and painting skills.



Practical Art Teacher/Founder, Art Studio Amsterdam 

I design educational courses for drawing, painting and other art techniques. I offer art therapy, one-to-one classes, short/long-term courses for groups, team bonding activities for corporations, family bonding sessions, and concept art sessions for celebrations. I guide private individuals and lead larger groups. Art Studio Amsterdam previously partnered with companies & organisations like Redlight Arts & Culture, Cobra Museum, 1KG, MIRO, ABN AMRO, Generator Amsterdam, ING, Woof & Me, Marktplaats-Adevinta, Kinderrijk, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Ru Pare Community,, We Belong, Eigenwijs, NSA, Stichting DOCK, and more other private partners.


Practical Art Teacher/Founder,
Art Studio Amsterdam Kids 


I work with children at my art studio in groups and one-to-one. This includes ages from 4 years old to 18 years old and also children with special needs for example ADHD and ASD. I give classes at different institutions such as Kinderrijk and Community centres for less privileged children.


Portfolio Reviewer


I evaluate and provide feedback on art portfolios presented by an individuals who are either artists or in the beginning of their journey.


Portfolio Reviewer


I evaluate and provide feedback on art portfolios presented by an individuals who are either artists or in the beginning of their journey.


Creative Coach
OBA Amsterdam



Art Teacher


I designed a program named Creative’s Book Club to guide people to become more creative in their daily life or achieve their goals in their careers as creatives.

I work at After School Activities in collaboration with NSA at Basisschool de Bron in Amsterdam. My role as an art teacher is giving lessons and creating courses for ages 4-7 to engage children with art with several visual art techniques from painting to sculpting or printing which are suitable for their age group.


Art Teacher


I lead a group of grown-ups to teach advance oil painting techniques in collaboration with AFK (Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst) at Honingraat, Amsterdam. My role as an art teacher is giving lessons, creating courses for oil painting techniques to engage grown-ups in fine arts, providing feedback on paintings individually, providing portfolio reviews and curating exhibitions.


Practical Art Teacher,

I worked at Kinderrijk at the children's after-school care program. I created playful and innovative art workshops to help kids to engage with art.


Practical Art Teacher,



Practical Art Teacher
for Academic Drawing course,
Istanbul Art Academy 

I organised art workshops and created educational programs and teaching materials to teach language and culture to ages from 4 years old to 18 years old.

I guided to prepare portfolios for children aged 17-18 who would like to study at art academies. I taught children academic figure drawing and anatomy to succeed at the entrance exam of the art academies.


Practical Art Teacher,



Graphic Designer,
Beyaz Matbaa

During this internship, I assisted an art teacher at the middle school.

In this creative design agency, I was involved in projects for cooperative design, context writing and pre-print process.


Graphic Designer,
Municipality of Bandirma

I designed festival posters, invitation letters, banners, flyers and promotion materials for municipality organisations.


Practical Art Teacher,
Stichting Samenwonen-Samenleven 

I guided a group of grown-ups, a group of internationals with mixed ages, for acrylic painting techniques in collaboration with AFK (Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst) at Ru Paré Community, Amsterdam. My role as an art teacher is giving lessons, creating a course for acrylic painting techniques towards abstract art for absolute beginners, providing feedback on paintings individually, providing portfolio reviews.

thank you for reading.

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